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    Ants Exterminator Toronto offers effective and reliable ant treatments by only licensed exterminators. We are the top ant control and extermination company across the Greater Toronto Area. As part of our ant control services, we use our unique techniques to deal with an ant infestation. We back every ant control job with our guarantee and warranty.

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    We’re trusted in the ant extermination field. Our goal is to eradicate the ant infestation. We have decades of experience in ant pest control to make every job a success.

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    Our team has years of experience and a great wealth of knowledge. We are also fully licensed in Toronto and GTA. Give us a call! You will not regret it.

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    Our expert technicians work diligently to ensure a job well done so you are happy with the results. The end goal is to ensure that you have a ant-free home or business for your satisfaction and safety.

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    Our ant services are backed by our guarantee. We take pride in our work and we follow through. If ant pests come back in the warranty period, we will return at no additional cost.

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    Home Pest Control

    Your home is your sanctuary from the world, the place you and your family live and play.  Don’t let uninvited insect guests invade your home, and make you feel like the visitor.  Let our expert exterminators remove insect infestations at the first sign of trouble, so you can have the peace of mind you deserve in your own home.

    Commercial Pest Control

    Eliminating and preventing pests in your business is critical. Your customers and employees demand a pest-free environment. Our comprehensive commercial pest control programs help immediately remove any pests that are present, and help prevent infestations from recurring.

    Kitchen Pest Contol

    One of the most sensitive areas are in your home is your kitchen. With food present and being the #1 attraction for ants, the infestation can get bigger in no time. We will find the source and solve your ants infestation issue once and for all.

    Restaurant Ant Control

    Professional kitchens and food service areas are particularly important to keep free of insects and pests. It’s vital to safe food delivery to your customers, as well as for maintaining your health certificates and staying open for business. We’ll help ensure your kitchen or restaurant are free from pests and open for business!

    Seasonal Pest Control

    Many insects tend to seek shelter indoors at various times of year based on the changing seasons and weather. Ants are no exception to this. If you find a sudden presence of any kind of ants in your home or business, contact a qualified exterminator ASAP before they have a chance to take hold and build up multiple colonies.

    Target Pest Control

    If you have an identified ant infestation in your home, we can offer targeted solutions designed just for that species or type of pest. This will help ensure the most effective treatments to remove them from your home as soon as possible, and keep them from coming back.

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    How to get rid of ants?

    There are many DIY and home remedy methods to get rid of ants in the home, or in the outdoors near your home.  However, many of them simply don’t work.  In fact, some of them – such as pouring boiling water on an ant nest – can actually serve to spread the ants and increase the infestation in short order.  Commercially-available insect sprays can help to repel or deal with small insect populations, but are not a cost-effective way to handle colony-size home or business infestations.  For that, you need a professional exterminator, who can identify the ant species, use the correct treatment, and get rid of them quickly and efficiently.

    How to prevent ants?

    One of the best ways to avoid an ant infestation in your home or business is to prevent and discourage them from coming inside in the first place.  Most pavement and carpenter ants won’t seek out shelter in your home unless they are attracted by food and/or sweet and sticky compounds.

    Some tips to help prevent ant infestations include:

    • Don’t leave food out and accessible
    • Ensure food is covered and sealed, not only to prevent ants from being attracted to it, but to prevent ants and other insects from getting into it in the first place
    • Always wash and clean up food or beverage spills as soon as possible
    • Be sure to periodically clean your floors, counters, and other surfaces, especially under kitchen appliances
    • Use garbage cans that have secure-fitting lids
    • If you use a compost bin, situate it away from your home if at all possible, and ensure it is properly sealed and closed
    • Do not leave your pet’s food out for long periods of time – put it out, allow them to eat, then remove it
    • Use home sealant products and caulk to seal up cracks, gaps, and crevices around the home, around doors and windows, and anywhere else small ants may come in

    When an any infestation is allowed to go untreated, it can become extremely problematic.  Not only can there be health risks to the occupants of a home or office, but carpenter ants, in particular, can cause serious structural damage.  Our services include professional evaluation, consultation, and extermination.  We’ll be sure to identify the type of infestation you have, and choose the appropriate treatment plan to get rid of them, and keep them from coming back.  All of our exterminator technicians are professionals, fully trained with extensive experience in exterminating ants and many other insects and pests.

    Setting up an appointment is as easy as a phone call.  We’ll be happy to offer assistance and guidance, and have one of our technicians out to your home or office as soon as possible.  Our experts will inspect in and around your property to determine what insect(s) may be present, and determine the state of any infestation in your home.  Based on the primary nest and colony locations, they’ll choose a pest control treatment ideally suited to the problem.  Each ant species and infestation type are unique, and we want to be sure that your particular problem is handled as effectively as possible.

    How serious is an ant infestation?

    On some level, all ant infestations are a nuisance.  Small little pests in the home that don’t smell or create visible problems for you may not seem like a huge deal.  However, carpenter ants can do serious structural damage to the home.  And all ants can cause health issues, spreading potential disease around the home.

    Carpenter ants, as already discussed, build their nests inside of wood.  In the home, this usually means within the wood frame, floors, and other wood structures.  Their tunneling activities compromise the wood, increasing the ability of moisture to get in, and decreasing the structural integrity of the beams, which can lead to serious problems in the home.  In many cases, severe damage cannot be easily remedied, even once the ants are gone, and may require serious structural remediation in order to make your home livable again.  That’s why it’s so important to address carpenter ant infestations as soon as you spot them in your home or office.

    Pavement ants tend to cause damage to pavement or concrete surfaces.  Sidewalks, foundations, cinderblocks, poured slabs, driveways, and similar can all become somewhat compromised by pavement ants.

    There are also some ant varieties that do sting and bite.  While stinging is less common among ants in the Toronto area, biting is common to all ants.  Their strong mandibles, or jaws, are inherently powerful.  They can cause pain and irritation if they choose to bite you, and some people may experience allergic reactions that may be life-threatening.

    So, the best approach is not to wait to deal with a problem.  Take proactive measures and have a professional exterminator inspect your home or office.  They can locate any ant or other pest nests in and around the building, and treat it properly, both eliminating the current infestation and reducing the risk of a recurrence.  Commercial sprays and traps can’t accomplish that, and is like bringing a water gun to fight a forest fire.  Get some professional exterminator help, and things will be taken care of and made right ASAP.

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